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Savvy makes it easy for you to manage your Pet Spa.

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Manage customers

All of your customer information professionally at your fingertips


Effortless communications

Create SMS and email templates to enable you to efficiently send personalised communications to your customers using their preferred contact method.


Automated reminders

Create automated reminders, to go out at your specified time, and help make ‘no shows’ a thing of the past.

Manage pets

Everything you need in one place – including all your signed contracts.


Totally flexible

Add breeds and colours to simple drop-down menus, making it quick and easy to create new pets in Savvy Pet Spa.


Add detailed information

All the important medical information, detailed grooming notes, and pet pictures all stored in one place.

Manage appointments

Savvy Pet Spa will be effortlessly communicating for you before and after your appointments.


Appointments calendar

Colour code your calendar appointments to your personal preferences, and just click in the calendar to make an appointment or to see all the information about that pet and customer.


Appointment history

No need to venture from your calendar screen – access a pet’s full appointment history without leaving the page.


Easy billing and contracts

Say goodbye to filing forever!


Get a signature

Contacts and disclaimers are generated in a couple of clicks, then get your customer to sign electronically in your salon or via email in advance of their visit. All signed contracts are then automatically stored against the relevant pet in the Savvy Pet Spa system.


Get your bills paid

Swiftly generate invoices for grooms and/or product sales, and enable your customers to pay you online – perfect for those customers that you want to be able to charge in advance.


Online booking

Let Savvy Pet Spa take your bookings (or booking requests) for you


An extra pair of hands

When you are trying to groom (or even when you are just trying to have a quiet evening!) Savvy Pet Spa will be taking your bookings for you


Keep control

You can choose if you would like your customers to be able to book straight in to a free slot, or if you would only like them to be able to request an appointment, which you can then approve (or not!)

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